Key figures

2,1 ha de prairies fleuries

450 logements, 800 bikes

0 cars


Eikenott is an ecological zone located in Gland, Switzerland. The outdoor facilities, which aim to enhance the liveliness of the area, participate in reclaiming biodiversity through indigenous meadows and vegetation that are accessible by all. The area is made up of 2.1 hectares of blooming meadows and occupies a total surface area of 5 hectares.
The green roofs of the buildings are designed to retain rainwater before channelling it to a network of ditches, enabling fast and full infiltration. Use of fertilisers or pesticides for maintenance is forbidden. The hire of a socio-cultural worker makes it possible to initiate activities in the area based on nature, such as setting up a bug hotel with the pupils of the community. Eikenøtt is also the first residential area in French-speaking Switzerland to receive certification from the Nature & Economy Foundation aimed at promoting residential areas established near nature.

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