Key figures

36 ha, including 24 ha of landscaped grounds

139 floral species

50 bird species



Renovation of Challenger, headquarters of Bouygues Construction (Guyancourt, France), featured experimental approaches in urban biodiversity initiated by Bouygues Construction. Thanks to support from partners (Noé association, UNAF), an action plan was defined to enrich the biodiversity of the site and space was made for the local wildlife and plant species: blooming meadows, a functional humid zone with a strong ecological interest, 18 beehives were established on the site.
An inventory of the wildlife and plant species was also conducted in conjunction with the Biotope survey company to monitor the evolution of the site. Throughout the grounds, an educational itinerary allows the staff to discover the biodiversity in detail, with presentations of the various habitats, species and new systems. This integration of biodiversity approach was awarded the Jardins de Noé and Ecojardin labels.

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