Promoting biodiversity in the construction industry


Raising public awareness


Enhancing biodiversity best practice

About us

The International Biodiversity & Property Council IBPC (CIBI) is a pioneering network for professionals of the new Biodiversity and Real Estate sector

The IBPC is represented by actors of urbanism, ecology, construction and Real Estate. Its goal is to promote urban biodiversity and human-nature relationship in sectors such as Real Estate, construction and Urban Planning but also to promote living nature within the built up neighbourhoods. Biophilia plays major role in quality of life of each city-dweller. This is the reason why awareness-raising actions of the IBPC are aimed at both professional actors and the general public.

The IPBC promotes the best practices in terms of urban biodiversity during planning, development, maintenance, occupancy and improvement phases of the property cycle. BiodiverCity® schemes, a brand initiated by the IBPC, forms principal tools by serving a strong purpose in creating environment which accommodates various living nature spaces. These provide a strong justification of economic, sociocultural and functional factors.


The 8 divisions


Urban planners, real estate developers, building companies


Non-profit organizations which act in biodiversity’s interest


Local governments and public institutions


Real Estate investors and investment funds, lessors


Architects, landscape designers, engineering companies


End users, property & facility managers


Consulting firms with accredited BiodiverCity assessors


Companies involved in landscaping or processes related to biodiversity

Message from our founding members

Pierre Darmet

Marketing and Innovations Director, Les Jardins de Gally, 
Founding Secretary of IBPC

« Urban biodiversity, in relation to the built environment, is a novel approach which in turn stimulates research in the life sciences field. It also brings together an original set of stakeholders. It’s a new sector; new professions are being created ranging from “vege-architect”, “eco-gardener” to “bio-constructor”. We are gardeners spearheading biodiversity enhancement and BiodiverCity®, which acts as a vital platform for federating and structuring this sector. »

Luc Monteil

Head of Real Estate Bolloré Transport & Logistics

« Our involvement with IBPC is part of our CSR objectives specifically as regards sustainable biodiversity and construction. As a real estate stakeholder, we are particularly interested in the BiodiverCity® label in terms of quality of life for our employees on our construction or heavy reconstruction projects. »

Christine Grèzes

Director of Sustainable Development
Bouygues Construction

« We have observed a rising need among city dwellers for more nature in the city, residential areas, but also on balconies, terraces and roofs. To meet these aspirations, construction professionals need to refer to new skills and tools. That is why Bouygues Construction decided to participate in the creation of the BiodiverCity® label, in order to assess and enhance biodiversity in construction projects. This label should contribute in highlighting the added value of biodiversity in a construction project, in the same manner as energy efficiency labels. »

Anne-Marie Ducroux

Administrator, LPO (League for Bird Protection)

« By participating in core IBPC activities, LPO seeks to assist and accelerate the integration of biodiversity in cities, using an approach that is both specific and ambitious. »

Laurent Piermont

Group Biodiversity Director, Caisse des Dépôts,
Chairman of CDC Biodiversité

« Building without affecting or while enhancing biodiversity is possible today. Tomorrow’s city, in order to be sustainable, will have to adhere to this model. After playing a role in improving energy efficiency in buildings, the Caisse des Dépôts group now commits to the first biodiversity and construction label. »

Olivier Lemoine

Head of Biodiversity Department within the Sustainable Construction team of Elan

« Biodiversity in construction is an important emerging subject. Through BiodiverCity®, IPBC offers more than acknowledgement; it is a tool for raising awareness, a clear assessment grid to highlight areas for improvement, an approach, a steering tool. We at Elan actively supported the creation of IBPC. Stakeholders of real estate, architecture, construction, urban landscaping and agriculture, now have a platform and a tool to speak a new language, that of living creatures, well-being, biophilia (need for nature). As ecologists specialised in nature in the city, we consider that it’s a major innovation for construction, a bridge between the worlds of real estate and nature lovers and a wonderful educational tool for all interested parties. »

About Les Jardins de Gally

Les Jardins de Gally is a landscaping company whose mission is to breed nature in a city setting. Its services include consultancy, creation, maintenance and management of nature parks located within a close range to buildings: interior landscapes, gardens, terraces, green wall and roof surfaces, vegetal design, bee hives, bug hotels, flowers and fruits in offices, etc. Whether external or internal, decorative or for use as vegetable patches, these shared spaces and green services contribute to the well-being and biodiversity of inhabited areas. Established in 1746 at Portes du Parc de Versailles, the company now counts 12 locations in France and also undertakes international projects.

About Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Bolloré Transport & Logistics is one of the five leading European groups in the transport and logistics sector. The group is present in five continents, with 800 agencies across 105 countries and over 33,000 staff.

About Bouygues Construction

A global construction and services group, Bouygues Construction designs, builds and operates works that improve general living and working conditions: public and private buildings, infrastructure and transport, energy and communication networks. A leader in sustainable construction projects, the group and its 53,500 staff offer long-term commitment to their clients to help them build a better life.

About la Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux

With 46,000 members, 5,000 active volunteers and 400 employees nationally, as well as a network of local associations in 79 districts, LPO is now one of the leading nature protection associations in France. It works to ensure conservation of biodiversity through its mission to protect birds. Its activities revolve around three main missions: species protection, nature conservation and training & raising awareness. LPO is the French representative of BirdLife International, a global alliance that unites over 120 nature protection organisations (2.7 million members worldwide).

About CDC Biodiversité

As France’s first biodiversity offset operator, CDC Biodiversité is the product of the merging of two teams fuelled by the necessity to find a means to reconcile economic development and biodiversity. CDC Biodiversité works on the development of emerging professions in emerging sectors: biodiversity in the city, agricultural biodiversity, marine biodiversity, payment for environmental services, etc., with one consistent goal: promote biodiversity and contribute to a sustainable future.

About Elan

Elan works to successfully complete and secure construction projects while ensuring value. With 140 staff members, €15 m in consulting fees and 12 offices, Elan has been providing property professionals, for over 40 years now, with all the necessary expertise to sustainably optimise their estates and manage their projects. 4 ecologists have been working on integration of biodiversity in construction projects since 2009. Elan is involved with BiodiverCity® on a number of varied aspects: residential houses, logistics, tertiary, but also eco-quarters, faculties, as well as some foreign projects (Switzerland, Cuba).

Our organisational structure

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General assembly

Name the head of the association

Votes on the budget

Discuss important management actions

Board of directors

Defines the strategy of IBPC

Ensures the current needs of IBPC

Is elected by the General Assembly to the majority

The members of board of directors

  • Board of trustees members
  • Representing all divisions of IBPC
  • Tolga Coskun, Arp-Astrance
  • Valérie Pira, Bolloré Transport & Logistics
  • Olivia Conil-Lacoste, Bouygues Immobilier
  • Caroline Girardière, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations
  • Nicolas Buchoud, Cercle Grand Paris de l'Investissement Durable
  • Catherine Pouliquen, Crédit Agricole Immobilier
  • Joachim Lemeri, Eiffage
  • Olivier Lemoine, Elan
  • Sabine Desnault, Gecina
  • Pierre Darmet, Les Jardins de Gally
  • Maëva Felten , Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux
  • Luc Monteil, Mott MacDonald
  • Patrice Lemens, Vallois
  • Marie-Christine Huau, Véolia Eau
  • Philippe Jacob, Ville de Paris


Implements the deliberations of the Board and the General Assembly

Ensures the daily management of IPBC

Oversees the statutory functioning

The members of management

  • Luc Monteil, Mott MacDonald, Chairman
  • Valérie Pira, Bolloré Transport & Logistics, Secretary
  • Patrice Lemens, Vallois, Treasurer

Technical committee

In charge of the evolutions of BiodiverCity repository

Refines the labeling process

Capitalizes on the tagged projects

The members of technical committee

  • Members of IPBC
  • Accredited BiodiverCity assessors

Scientific committee

Determines and approves the strategic plan

Ensures scientific soundness

Is autonomous in its observations and statements

The members of scientific committee

  • Marc Barra, Ecologist in charge of the economy and biodiversity mission, ARB - Coordinator of IBPC Scientific Council
  • Scientific members:
  • Jean-Philippe Siblet, Head of Natural Heritage Department of the National Museum of National History (MNHN)
  • Gilles Galopin, Lecturer-researcher at Agrocampus Ouest and within the Horticulture and Seeds Research Institute (UMR INRA-Agrocampus-University of Angers)
  • Jean-François Capeille, Architect, Urban planner, President of the AIA Foundation
  • Béatrice Plottu, Teacher-researcher, Agrocampus Ouest Angers
  • Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, Designer and Head Professor of Real Estate and Sustainable Development at ESSEC