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The new BiodiverCity® tag is an original assessment tool that highlights integration of biodiversity features in construction projects.

The approach is awaited by industry stakeholders (project managers, constructors, real estate firms, ecologists, landscapers, users and architects), who consider the tag as a new identifiable means and a relevant added value for property.



The project

A project manager with a construction or renovation project submits their project.


Evaluates the project, calculates score

The project manager calls upon a IBPC-certified assessor, whose role is to gather evidence of compliance of the operation with label indicators.
The status of assessor is achieved through training and successful exams.

Approves conformity.

The auditing is done by an independent entity. It inspects conformity of the report and the assessment.

Brand owner, attributes the tag.

The compliant report is sent to IBPC, which in turn attributes a IBPC certificate for the project.

BiodiverCity® certification demands the intervention of a “biodiversity” expert (qualified, familiar with the indicators) who serves as specialised APM, consultant and assessor.

The biodiversity assessor or consultant begins by establishing a biodiversity diagnosis of the site, and is later entrusted with the mission of consistently improving the biodiversity profile of each project using relevant, coherent and effective elements.
Using the BiodiverCity® indicators, the assessor also relies on emerging issues, a number of scientific concepts, but which are eventually understood by all members of a multidisciplinary team.
To work as an assessor, an individual must be accredited by IBPC.

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